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Does Phi Chi only rush in the fall?

Phi Chi rushes twice a year: once in the fall and once in the spring. If you missed information about the upcoming rush season, be sure to email us at as soon as possible. The requirements for both the fall and spring semesters are typically the same. 

Is it acceptable to join other organizations?

Phi Chi only prohibits joining other prehealth or premedical fraternities. You may not be in both at the same time. You are welcome to join any other social sorority or fraternity, as well as any other professional organization as long as it is not medically related. 

Is it possible to reapply?

We always encourage potential members to reapply, especially if they believe they will be a stronger candidate in the next semester. 

What is the time commitment?

As a potential new member, you are required to attend two rush events which last no more than an hour each. As a pledge, you are required to attend pledge meetings which last no more than an hour each. As a pledge and active, you have academic, social, and volunteer requirements. As an active member, you are required to attend multiple chapter meetings. Absences may be accepted based on the University of Illinois' policy for excused absences.

Are there any prerequisites?

There are no prerequisites of joining Phi Chi. You must only be a University of Illinois undergraduate student. There is no specific major required.

Are there any leadership positions available?

There are positions that Phi Chi switches out semesterly. These positions are known as "supporting executive members." The positions include social chair, volunteer chair, honor chair, recruitment chairs, academic chairs, pr chair, and diversity chair. You are qualified to run for any of these positions once you are initiated into the fraternity. 

Is there a GPA requirement?

We have a set requirement at 3.0 which is the minimum for most medical and other health-related fields. If you are a freshman applying, we expect your high school GPA to be much higher than a 3.0. 

Safety protocols during COVID-19?

We will be following the rules and guidelines of the university. 

Will dues be affected by COVID-19?

The first time dues are always $100 for the first semester because those are national dues, to make you a lifelong member as soon as you graduate. However, the remaining dues to the chapter will be adjusted so that they fit the events and necessities of that semester, which means they may or may not be reduced.

Will I still make connections due to COVID?

Despite COVID, we are still hosting our chapters, we are having in-person events, and we are doing our best to keep everyone connected. We also offer our resources and connections to all initiated members. 

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