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Class of 2020

Alikhan, Rida

Major in Psychology, minor in chemistry, research assistant in a cardiovascular lab,research assistant in a cognitive neuroimaging lab.

Aasem Awwad.jpg

Class of 2019

Awwad, Aasem

Major in Chemistry, minor in Mathematics, research assistant at nutritional neuroscience lab, volunteer at Presence Hospital.

Brennan Bell.jpg

Class of 2019

Bell, Brennan

Major in Chemistry, member of the Water Ski Club, and former member of the track team.


Class of 2022

Chan, Brooke

Major in i-Health, involved in the campus IEMS, involved in an internship at McKinley Health Center.

Deng, Gary.jpg

Class of 2021

Deng, Gary

Major in Integrative Biology, involved in the UIUC Social Gaming Club, and the Anime Club.

Erbas, Dilara.jpg

Class of 2020

Erbas, Dilara

Major in Psychology, research assistant in BCD lab, involved in the Undergraduate Psychology Association.

Haider, Nabeel.jpg

Class of 2020

Haider, Nabeel

Major in Economics, minor in chemistry, research assistant at a cardiovascular lab, and involved in Alpha Chi Sigma. 


Class of 2020

Haider, Shazil

Major in Kinesiology, minor in psychology, research assistant at the Allison Bell Lab of Integrative Biology, and involved in MSA.

Jose, Alvin.jpg

Class of 2021

Jose, Alvin

Major in Integrative Biology, AMSA Vice President Chair, volunteer at Carle Hospital, and Illini Awaaz member.

Kafkes, Emily.jpg

Class of 2020

Kafkes, Emily

Major in MCB, involved in Phi Sigma Sigma social sorority, volunteer at Carle Hospital and Swedish Covenant Hospital.

Kanapreddy, Rajita.jpg

Class of

Kanapreddy, Rajita

Major in MCB, minor in psychology, volunteer Carle Hospital, and a research assistant at an animal science lab.

Kudaimi, Yazan.jpg

Class of 2020

Kudaimi, Yazan

Major in community health with a minor in chemistry, research assistant in nutrition, and involved in Arab Student Association.

Lao, Jaysen.jpg

Class of 2020

Lao, Jaysen

Major in MCB, member of Kappa Sigma social fraternity, member of Mu Chi Beta, and involved as an OSF scribe.

Laskaris, Christina.jpg

Class of 2020

Laskaris, Christina

Major in MCB, involved in Phi Sigma Sigma social sorority, Be The Match, Illini Fighting Alzheimer's, and Carle Hospital volunteer.


Class of 2022

Park, Emily

Major in Interdisciplinary Health Sciences with a concentration in Health & Diversity. Volunteers as the Clark-Lindsey Senior Living project coordinator. Involved in Alpha Phi Omega.

Reddy, Anisha.jpg

Class of 2021

Reddy, Anisha

Major in MCB, research assistant at the Miller lab, attended a medical trip in Peru, and involved in Global Medical Training.


Class of 2020

Shaikh, Kalthoum

Major in Integrative Biology, minor in psychology, involved in Phi Mu, research assistant at the NRCS, TERRA-WEST, and Dr. Riggins labs.

Strumbis, Dylan.jpg

Class of 2022

Strumbis, Dylan

Major in Molecular and Cellular Biology and Chemistry. Student volunteer with Carle Hospital for 4 years and currently in the Sleep Lab. A part of Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternity.


Class of 2020

Thomas, Ben

Major in Psychology, minor in IB, involved in EMT, research assistant at the Brain Development lab, involved as historian in APO.

Yap, Nikki.jpg

Class of 2022

Yap, Nikki

Majors in Chemistry and MCB, research assistant under Dr. Roderick and Dr. Donovan's labs, involved in the American Chemistry Society.

Zallek, Anna.jpg

Class of 2022

Zallek, Anna

Major in Integrative Biology Honors, treasurer of Illini Waterski Team, and a volunteer at the Art and Science in the woods program.

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