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FIRST TO SERVE / Phthomen Chraismein

The local area is home to 40,000 students, but it is more than just a campus town. There are everyday citizens who call this place their forever home. It is our duty to make sure we help uplift the community by donating our time, efforts, and money to the community. 

Champaign-Urbana is our home for four years and we intend on taking care of our home. We believe in local charities and volunteering in the community. We look out for the underdog because that is apart of our values. Every semester, the pledge class is responsible for dedicating their fundraiser to a local charity. In the past, we have donated to charities like Crisis Nursery or the Eastern Food Bank. Every member must be passionate about our work, which is why we choose our philanthropy as a chapter each semester. 

To learn more about local charities, follow this link. Who knows? Perhaps you're apart of the next pledge class to decide our next philanthropy. 

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